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The NewMadeleine API Documentation


NewMadeleine is a complete redesign and rewrite of the communication library Madeleine. The new architecture aims at enabling the use of a much wider range of communication flow optimization techniques. It is entirely modular: The request scheduler itself is interchangeable, allowing experimentations with multiple approaches or on multiple issues with regard to processing communication flows. We have implemented an optimizing scheduler called SchedOpt. SchedOpt targets applications with irregular, multi-flow communication schemes such as found in the increasingly common application conglomerates made of multiple programming environments and coupled pieces of code, for instance. SchedOpt itself is easily extensible through the concepts of optimization strategies (what to optimize for, what the optimization goal is) expressed in terms of tactics (how to optimize to reach the optimization goal). Tactics themselves are made of basic communication flows operations such as packet merging or reordering. More information on NewMadeleine can be found at

User APIs

Several APIs are provided to NewMadeleine users: